Life is getting so easy these days. You can have someone do your shopping for you and deliver it to your home, you can get delivery from nearly every restaurant around, and now, Starbucks is jumping on the bandwagon to provide you with a selection of your favorite drinks available in 30 minutes or less without you ever needing to leave your home.

That's right, Starbucks is expanding their delivery service. They will be partnering with Uber Eats to offer their customers up to 95% of their menu online for delivery with a booking fee of $2.49. It's a small price to pay for the luxury of not needing to make a special trip just for a cup of Joe.

Their main goal is to make nearly one-fourth of their U.S. cafes available to provide delivery via the app. They will be launching the service today in San Francisco, and eventually expanding to select stores in urban areas of Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington. 

Unsurprisingly people are pretty excited about the news and have taken to social media to express their joy. 

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And this guy had a really good point:

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And no hard feelings if they haven't announced delivery in your city yet, chances are this is only the beginning of the Starbucks-Uber take over.

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