Whether you prefer fruit pies, cream pies, or even savory pies, if you call yourself any type of pie lover, we have the best place in the world for you: Pink Pie. This recently-opened Miami bakery specializes in mini pies and has flavors galore. 

The bakery opened their Wynwood location in the fall and have been spending the past couple of months winning the heart of locals lucky enough to sample their mini-pies. They offer a variety of pies to choose from and they have special flavors each week - so you never know what they might have! (Unless you check their Instagram, of course).

Every week they post mouth-watering photos of some of their pies currently in stock. Their current pie menu consists of the following: Oreo Nutella, key lime, caramel pretzel, hot cocoa, pistachio, maple bacon, guava cheese, tiramisu, and vegan/gluten free coconut dulce de leche. All of which sound absolutely amazing. 

The best part about the pies is that they are single servings - so that means even if you are on a diet you don't have to feel too bad about the number of calories in a single pie. 

Enjoy these photos for reference:

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They even did a revolutionary thing and put two pies together to make a pie sandwich:

And seasonal flavors? That's totally a thing here:

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The store is located at 170 NW 26th St. and opens at 10 a.m. on Tuesday through Sunday - or you can just order delivery because they do that too. 

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So don't be shy, try some pie! Click here to see more information about them on their website. 

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