Several parts of Florida had temperatures dip low enough that when people awoke this morning they witnessed a sight pretty unusual: frost on the ground. In fact, frost is such a big event here that dozens of Twitter users have been taking photos and sharing their disbelief on social media. Yep, you read that right, it's 2019, there's frost on the ground n Florida today and people are freaking out on Twitter.

Overnight temperatures were observed in the low 40's, mid-to-high 30's, which is still better than the expected below freezing forecast for Sunday into Monday, thanks to an incoming cold front. This is also the same time the rare Super Blood Wolf Moon will be making an appearance over the United States, so if you plan on watching it be sure to bundle up. 

A good portion of this year has already been well below the average, which is a high around 70 degrees and a low of 48 degrees. Nonetheless, Floridians are enjoying the opportunity to snap some photos of the chilly weather:

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Instagrammers were jumping at the opportunity to post their frost photos this morning too: 

@zoinkthewonderpitembedded via  

@wtspembedded via  

@brian.laylandembedded via  

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And have you ever seen a frozen orange?!

@micaela_choembedded via  

Pretty wild, right?

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