Aravia Tillman is a Florida-based artist with a passion for makeup and 90's cartoons - so she did what anyone with her talent would do, mix them together. Through years of hard work and dedication, she has created and mastered her own unique style to the point that there is no competition. The Florida makeup artist's looks are even going viral.

Tillman is known as @adorearaviaxo to her 22.8 thousand Instagram followers and Adore Aravia XO to her Youtube subscribers. It is not unusual for her to get thousands of likes on her posts and her following grows with every new post she makes. 

While she does a lot of different looks, her most recent endeavor has been "cartoon mini-series." From the Simpsons to Spongebob, the Power Puff Girls to Dexter's Laboratory and everything in between, she incorporates all the beloved cartoons of your childhood with beautiful makeup styles for a truly exotic and fun twist on today's trendy makeup styles - and the internet is going crazy for them.

Her most recent post had received over 100 comments full of fans asking her to do their favorite cartoon characters like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Totally Spies, Pokemon, and tons of others. She said she has looks that have received upwards of nearly 100,000 views. 

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Tillman says she has been playing with makeup since she was 13 but seriously got into it when she was 15, and although she likes makeup she doesn't do it because she feels she needs to, but rather because she finds it to be an enjoyable hobby.

"I don't feel as though I need makeup because I think natural beauty is the best and everyone is beautiful, but it's fun to play with and the moment I pick up my brushes I'm in a different world... My own world," she said. 

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She doesn't have any specific inspiration, rather she sees inspiration all around her. "I could see a beautifully patterned dress or a pretty flower and take that as inspiration."

As for her cartoon looks, she says she had thought for so long about how she could incorporate cartoons into her makeup but it wasn't until December of 2017 that she finally took the leap. She did a Charlie Brown Christmas theme and it was a hit.

"I really started with my cartoon themes because not only were they a hit, but I wanted to show everyone that makeup is not just about vanity, makeup is art and makeup can be anything you want it to be!" She also added that she just loves cartoons and incorporating two of her favorite things.

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Of course, as a makeup guru, she does more than just cartoons. She has tons of other outstanding looks that are nothing short of aw inspiring and beautiful. 

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