Are you the type of person that needs a fan to fall asleep? Well, that means you need ASMR relaxing sounds to feel at ease. Whisperlodge is the coolest ASMR spa for your senses coming to Florida next month.

Whisperlodge is a sensory spa through live ASMR that helps you relax the body and mind, expand awareness, and heighten the senses. If you're wondering, what in the world is ASMR? It stands for an autonomous sensory meridian response. It's a sensory phenomenon tingling sensation you get when you hear a sound or feel pleasurable tingles from specific visual, auditory and haptic triggers.

This is the very first in-person immersive ASMR experience that has been shown in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. Not only is ASMR popular in these cities but it is also taking over YouTube. Florida will get its first Whisperlodge pop-up during West Palm Beach's annual Art Affair festival from April 1-7.

You will be able to experience the stimulating art of ASMR with guided group sessions at Culture Lab, a former Macy’s store turned eclectic art space. This sensory experience will feature installations by international artists like OLEK, Danny Rozin and Ivan Navarro.

Everyone participating will also experience acute sounds, gentle touch and haptic triggers for a journey towards full body relaxation.

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This is probably the best way to relax after a hectic week of work, children, and Florida traffic. You will be looking forward to this multisensory art form during spring break. 

You will smell, hear, and feel things that are extremely relaxing and sleep-inducing. It's a vacation without the extra flight fares. Even though you can get DIY ASMR videos on Instagram this will be a totally different experience. 

Whisperlodge usually offers on-demand experiences for $100 for 45 minutes but currently is out of service. The Whisperlodge: Day Dream experience at CityPlace will cost $20 and you can get your tickets here. 

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The event will be located at CityPlace downtown West Palm Beach. For more information about Whisperlodge and the experience, click here. 

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