The Florida State Fair is a pretty big deal in these parts, and most people happily pay the admission fee in full without protest - but what if we told you that there is one day you can enjoy nearly all of the entertainment the fair has to offer for $2? That's right, Florida State Fair is hosting a $2 Tuesday, for one day only - February 12. 

After 2 p.m. on the 12th, admission fees which are normally $13 for adults are waved to nearly 80% off. Everything that is included with admission includes most of the entertainment, but for an additional $2 you can enjoy select rides, games, and foods. The fair is open until 10 p.m., which gives you plenty of time to enjoy all of the festivities. 

If this is your first time at the Florida State Fair, located at the Florida State Fairgrounds 4800 N US Highway 301, Tampa, you can expect a good time you will not soon be forgetting. This fair is one of Florida's biggest events of the year, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the globe each year. 

The official commercial posted below gives you an idea of what you can expect:

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This year there will be several new features including a chance to take a spin on the original Batcopter, as seen in the original Batcopterfrom the Batman TV series and the original Batman movie, a cookie dough dealer, and more, all of which you can see here

@peyyxoxoembedded via  

The event will be going on for 12 days in total, starting Feb. 7 and running until Feb. 18. Tickets can be purchased at the door or online by clicking here

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