Pip pip da doodly doo! Everyone needs to go across the pond at least once in their life, after all, our English-speaking cousins do say the darndest things - right? Well, maybe we have Americanized their culture a little bit (thanks to movies like Oliver Twist), but when flights are as low as $444 there's no excuse not to observe our European friends in all of their natural habitat glory. 

According to the information posted on Google Flights, Norwegian Air UK is currently offering nonstop flights on a Boeing 787 in economy class from Miami International to London Gatwick for $444 round trip during specific days in May and June.

The dates vary, but you could go for a full week from as early as May 24-31 for under $500 and that is a total steal. During the first few weeks of June, the deal continues for the same price but then the prices start to increase towards the end of the month. It is not uncommon for the summer months to be busier and more expensive (like well over $1000 + for a round trip flight expensive) - making booking in advance and flexibility on dates a must for deal seekers. 

You can see some of the prices listed on the calendar from Google Flights below:

Via Google Flights

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There is so much to see and do in the UK, and one thing that is super great about the country is how close everything is. While a 6-hour drive across the country may seem like something you would only do once in a great while for most English people, to an American that's hardly a road trip! 

Imagine this: you arrive in London, watch the change of the guards, grab a quick cuppa - maybe a cheeky Nandos, head over to Kings Cross (stop at Platform 9 3/4) then board your train and within a 4-5 hour train ride, you could be in Scotland - awing at the mountains and browsing the kilt isle in the shops. 

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So what are you waiting for? You can spare a week or two of the intense Florida heat and enjoy the temperate climate of the UK for less than $500 there and back! For the trip of a lifetime, it is a small price to pay!

Book your ticket here. 

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