Miamians love their daily dose of coffee and they know there's nothing better than a 'colada' in the morning. If you love Cuban coffee you will love this new ice cream flavor by Azucar Ice Cream Company. Cafe Bustelo and Azucar Ice Cream partnered to bring a new coffee flavor to Miami fit for any coffee aficionado. 

Cafe Bustelo is the coffee of choice for Hispanics and specializes in a variety of Cuban-style espressos. It's the coffee of choice for many Cuban coffee shops in South Florida and Latin America. 

So, wondering how they make the Cafe Bustelo ice cream? First, they blend the coffee beans. After, they mix the Cafe Bustelo with buttermilk. The milk gets all the aroma of the coffee and they let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours. Once is creamy, it's ready to turn it into ice cream in the magic machine. Then, they put it on a stirrer and add cream. According to Azucar Ice Cream Company, they don't add extra sugar since the ice cream already has buttercream, heavy cream, and regular whole milk.

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This coffee ice cream is limited edition and available only at this location in Little Havana. So, if you want something cold and caffeinated, this season is your chance to grab the tastiest coffee ice cream. 

A group of Miami bloggers was invited to preview the new Azucar flavor and behind-the-scenes of the Cafe Bustelo ice cream creation. The bloggers headed to Latin Cafe to eat some Latin food and then they landed at the Wynwood neighborhood to learn how to make coffee. Also, the entire experience included some salsa dance lessons.

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"It's the perfect flavor to cool you off in the Miami heat and keep you caffeinated throughout the day", says Annie from The Fashion Poet. According to Gaby Aleixandre, the Cafe Bustelo flavor is the perfect amount of sweet and "cero empalagoso".

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If you're a coffee addict then this is your time to get something sweet, cold and caffeinated. 

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