If you've ever been to a tropical island for a fancy vacation, you know how hard it is to actually get to your destination. It's not the easiest to find cheap, non-stop flights to places like Cancun. Today, Spirit Airlines in Nashville announced that they've added non-stop flights to a popular vacation destination.

Spring break is literally right around the corner and warmer weather is on our minds. Getting out of Nashville for vacation is probably the first thought when it comes to residents and if you're planning to go to Cancun, you're in luck. 

Spirit Airlines have added non-stop flights three times a week right from Nashville. This will make your experience so much better because you won't have to worry about layovers or missing connecting flights. 

This new change is effective immediately, so if you're ready to go today, you'll have that option. These flights will take-off on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Most of these flights are running from $108 one way and up, depending on the month and time you choose to fly out.

Spirit prides itself on cheap airfares, so this is just another way for travelers to enjoy saving money and going to amazing places.

Spirit also added four more cities to this non-stop party including Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Austin, Nashville and Philadelphia.

The company stated that this means Spirit now operates a total of nine daily non-stop flights to Cancun International Airport, the most of any ultra-low-cost carrier, according to Caribbean Journal

While you're visiting Mexico's top party city, you should try out snorkeling in the Caribbean waters or swimming in the many blue natural pools the city has. 

Whether you want to zipline through the jungle or get your tan on with a tropical drink on the beach, Cancun has everything in between. 

Grab some friends and some bathing suits and head on your way with no worries.


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