Did you think our first trip to the moon in 1969 would be the last? You thought wrong because NASA is working toward America's next lunar trip with a brand new moon rocket that was just built in New Orleans. The massive NASA rocket launch is set for 2024 and will be tested in Mississippi, but for now it lies at the NASA Space Launch System at the Michoud Assembly Center in NOLA.

The new space rocket will do a test run, named Artemis I, with no crew on board. Artemis II marks the second test, with a manned space-craft and the final launch (can you see where there is going?), Artemis III is expected to transport a man and a woman to the south pole of the moon.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine visited the Michoud Assembly Center to see the first of the “core stage” rockets on Monday (Dec. 8). The rocket is newly built, standing at a towering 212 feet with a 27-foot diameter.

At the end of the year, the rocket will be transported to the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi for testing.

It will later reach it's final destination in Cape Canaveral, Florida to launch the Atermis III mission in 2024, landing the world's first woman on the moon.

The rocket is even expected to eventually venture on to Mars.

This is a huge step for America so we're already counting down the days to 2024. It's like reliving the '70s but with a woman on board (because, #girlpower).

In other outer space news, the decade's last full 'cold moon' is happening on 12/12 at 12:12 a.m. (creepy, right?) and you can see it in the Eastern time zone.

You can actually experience the closest thing to outer space itself with this insane planetarium in Florida.

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