There are always going to be sharks in Florida oceans, but those we have been tracking recently seem to be making their way to bluer waters. Ocearch confirms that the several great whites that recently pinged off the Florida coast have already left. 

Last month several great whites, including Caroline, Helena, Miss Costa, Nova, Cabot, Hal, and Katherine, seemed to be enjoying spring break in Florida over a duration of several weeks. Now according to Ocearch, their trackers show the sharks are finally out of party-mode and back to their daily grind. 

Caroline and Miss Costa are still active in Florida waters, Nova and Katherine have not pinged lately, and all the others have left. Hal, Cabot, and Helena have traveled north along the east coast.

A screenshot of the map shows the recent location of several sharks:

Miss May is another great white who is swimming in the Atlantic with the other 4 on this map. She was not recently in Florida, however. 

Migrating north during the warmer weather is pretty typical behavior for great whites, according to National Geographic. They have been known to go as far north as Canada during the summer months. 

For more information on the migrating behavior of these sharks, you can click here. For more information on these particular tracked sharks, you can click here

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