Disney World Orlando is often touted as the most magical place on Earth - but what about the most eco-friendly? According to the information posted on their official blog page, the park is about to get a super ecological upgrade, one that has the potential to reduce greenhouse gasses by more than 50,000 tons per year.

The franchise has collaborated with Reedy Creek Improvement District and solar developer Origis Energy USA to invest in a 270-acre 50-megawatt solar facility with over half of a million solar panels that would generate enough energy to power two of the four parks. The blog post states that the 50,000 tons of greenhouse gasses reduced would be equivalent to removing around 10,000 automobiles from the road annually.

The benefits don't just end there either. Disney's environmental and horticulture experts planned for more than two-thirds of the facility to be pollinator friendly, "providing an important habitat for native wildlife in Central Florida." The idea behind this is to attract and nurture pollinating insects such as bees, butterflies, and even some endangered and at-risk species, their blog post explains

You can see a short video about the facility below:

Disney Parks' long-term goal is attaining net zero greenhouse gas emissions and zero waste, among other conservation efforts at all facilities and parks around the world. 

The solar field is visible from State Road 429 in Orlando. You can read more about this facility and the Disney conservation mission here

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