Dedicated Disney fans don't seem to want to miss their day at the parks for anything, whether it’s in the face of ride delays, massive crowds, or even Florida’s fickle weather. As new details emerge about the coronavirus spreading across the world, fans have been holding their breath waiting for a game-time decision as to whether or not Disney World Orlando will close its doors and join the three other Asian park closures in a temporary shutdown.

As of last week, every Disney park in Asia closed for the first time ever. Tokyo Disneyland Resort quickly followed Hong Kong and Shanghai’s example with a three-week closure, although the other two parks have been shut down indefinitely.

As for now, Disneyland Paris, as well as the two resorts in the U.S. and even the Universal parks remain open. The parks have been operating similarly to how they do during a hurricane warning, keeping guests updated and offering them the option to reschedule.

While theme park officials fear that a full-on outbreak in the U.S. could severely impact Spring break attendance, there has been no indication of U.S. park closures.

Fans have taken to social media to ask questions, search for answers, and to educate themselves on proper hygiene and protocol.

One fan made a poll on Twitter asking whether guests thought the virus would spread enough to close the U.S. parks. Of the nearly 150 responders, 43.8% felt it would, while 34.6% said no, and 21.6% were unsure.

Walt Disney World Guest Relations have reported to visitors that they are closely monitoring the situation.

In response to a Tweet asking whether guests would feel happy or disappointed if the park closed, the reaction was mixed.

Some felt it would have been ruined their vacation to have to reschedule, while others felt a few weeks of closure may do the park some good.

So far, Disney has been acting with the utmost caution and even asked several third-party Epcot workers to stay home after returning from an Italy trip.

This Twitter user decided to enjoy their vacation no matter what, finding the perfect reaction GIF in Ron Swanson’s infamous passive-aggressivity.

While it wouldn't be unlikely that park attendance will take a dip from the lack of traveling guests, the theme parks have a plan for just such an occasion. Passholder programs help to keep the parks pumping during off-seasons and slow travel times.

Special events like Halloween Horror Nights at Universal act as a bolster for the parks during downturns in travel, so we may even see a surge of special events for locals pass holders in the near future.

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