As guests and staff alike navigate the new regulations of theme park safety, rules and expectations have seen some amendments. Disney World Orlando recently updated their mask requirement guidelines, effectively banning certain types of face masks at their parks.

Along with temperature checks and social distancing, masks became mandatory when Walt Disney World reopened its doors. Now, the requirements are becoming more strict with the ban of face coverings that have valves, mesh, or holes as well as neck gaiters, triangle bandanas, and costume masks.

“…face coverings containing valves, mesh material or holes of any kind are not acceptable face coverings,” reads the newly updated safety page.

Acceptable masks must now have two layers of breathable material, fully cover the nose, mouth, and chin, fit snugly on the face, and be secured by ear loops.

Disney’s announcement comes days after Universal Studios Orlando made a similar change to their mask mandate which banned the same types of face coverings.

Another recent development on mask requirements stated that Disney guests could remove their face coverings while eating and drinking but had to remain stationary while doing so.

While they may be an adjustment, the stringent measures are put in place to help keep both staff and guests safe.

This doesn’t have to put a damper on your Disney magic though; people have been getting some seriously stunning once-in-a-lifetime shots at the half-empty parks.

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