Cinderella’s Castle is the focal point of many proposals, selfies, and cherished memories for guests who visit Walt Disney World Orlando. After years of fading under the Florida sun, it’s finally getting the update it deserves. When the clock strikes midnight this summer, the castle won’t be turning into a pumpkin, but a rejuvenated gem, and while many fans are stoked for the renovation, others are dreading the inevitable construction.

The refurbishment will be happening this summer, just in time for the classic Cinderella movie’s 70th anniversary. The concept art released on the Disney Parks Blog shows glittering gold trim outlining the many levels of the castle, as well as bolder royal blue turrets that really reel in that fairy-tale feel.

The park icon’s new makeover is set to begin in the coming weeks and continue through the summer. For those concerned about the cancelation of the favorite castle shows like “Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire” and “Happily Ever After,” don’t worry — those shows will go on!

You’ll still be able to catch the shows at their normal times, as well as the nighttime fireworks.

In the comments section of the Disney Parks Blog article, some guests are already expressing their distaste of the bright colors, while others are thoroughly excited.

One Twitter fan wrote of her displeasure that the construction would be happening while she visited.

Another Twitter user couldn’t help but joke that Disney would raise ticket prices again to pay for the refurbishment.

This fan tweeted that he felt the new color scheme looked great but feared the complaints that would accompany more construction.

While no set date has yet been made for the finished product, our inner kid can't help but be excited about the castle’s upcoming new look. What are your thoughts on the park update?

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