Let’s be honest, Lake Eola in downtown Orlando is usually full of goose, swan, and sometimes even dog poop. This weekend though, there will be something even bigger. A giant inflatable 30-foot poop has just plopped down in Orlando’s downtown park, and for what purpose, you may ask? To encourage passersby to let that sh*t go.

The giant poop is part of Poo~Pourri’s “#LetThat💩Go” Tour, a company that sells deodorizing sprays for toilets, shoes, and other stinky places around the house.

The giant poop has popped up to promote their Before-You-Go toilet spray. This tour, however, is about much more than just a stinky toilet.

The “Let that 💩 Go” message actually refers to the negative thoughts that weigh us down day-to-day, and how when we hold onto them, they can get backed up and really harm us!

The giant poo encourages people to take all of those toxic thoughts and let it go to create room for positivity and productivity — and, of course, to create a better-smelling and feeling mental space.

This is hands down the most interactive poop you’ll want to experience.

It happens to be completely free to visit and allows users to walk inside of it, as well as snap a shot for the 'Gram in front of it.

The poo will be in Orlando all this weekend and will be flushed forward to new cities after Sunday, January 26.

People have wasted no time striking poses and getting the perfect pics of the giant poo too.

From animals to acro yoga, this might just be the most picturesque poo you’ve ever seen. You’ll also probably never read that sentence again.

Poo-Pourri’s tour across America is set to hit 15+ more major cities across the country, including LA, New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami, and Poo-Pourri’s hometown, Dallas.

Thoughts of inadequacy, jealousy, anxiety, and everything in between — take advice from a giant poo and just let that sh*t go this weekend!

Florida has been full of strange occurrences lately, including falling iguanas in Miami from freezing temperatures.

*Photos used in this article were used for illustrative purposes only.

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