Everyone is anticipating the newest ride at Universal Orlando - and now the wait is almost over. You can be one of the first to get a sneak peek at Orlando's New Harry Potter roller coaster. 

The roller coaster that is opening in Orlando is going to be interactive and like you're inside the movie. The new ride called Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventures is set to open on June 13th and it will be more magical than ever. There will be expectopatronum, alohomora, and avadakedavra spells. 

The roller coaster ride will take you around the wilderness and inside the castle. Toward the end, the ride will go backward and take you back again through the hallways of the castle. You'll experience dragons spitting fire, and Hagrid's friends fighting with Voldemort. Even though the ride won't be visible through the outside, the inside will be so magical and worth the wait. 

You can experience it digitally below:

At the beginning of the ride, Hagrid's voice informs riders "I'll be taking the wheel so there be nothing to worry about". Ron, Hermione, magical creatures and even Buckbeack.

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Besides the new Harry Potter ride, the Hogwarts Castle is hosting a dark and eerie show that will feature magical eerie creatures, dark wizards, villains, dementors, the Slytherin crew, and even Lord Voldemort.

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This is one of the most expected rides of the year, so be ready to make the line. 

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