Florida may be famous for its oranges, but Orlando will soon be famous for its limes, too! The Uber-backed company announced it would be removing all of its bikes from the city; now, Lime's scooters are officially set to take over downtown. With the infamous mess that is Orlando traffic, they could actually get you to work faster than driving your car.

Locals and tourists alike know how frustrating traffic can be in The City Beautiful, so when Orlando was actually voted one of the best driving cities, the Internet was not convinced.

These newly-introduced motorized scooters may just become Orlando commuters’ new best friends.

Between avoiding the usual traffic and not producing car exhaust, they could change the way locals and visitors alike explore the city, opening up a transportation alternative.

If you're wondering where you can root toot scoot at, they can be ridden anywhere that a bike can.

According to Lime's Jae Cox, if you can safely scoot in the bike lane, they highly encourage you to do so and to avoid congested city sidewalks.

The new Lime scooters will only cost $1 to unlock, controlled through an app for your phone.

For every minute you cruise along, you’ll be charged 29 cents. 10-minute ride? That's only $3.90 for your whole trip, accounting for the unlock fee.

Luckily, to kick off their new transportation option, Lime is giving new riders three free unlocks with the discount code UNLOCKORLANDO3.

If you’re worried about potential sidewalk hazards with these new scooters, don’t worry.

The city has blocked off certain sensitive areas from riders, like historic neighborhoods, and high-volume places like Lake Eola.

The actual speed of the scooters was also limited to 10 mph to help ensure rider safety, as helmets are not required nor provided for users.

The motorized scooters aren’t the only new and exciting transportation option coming to Orlando.

Several other scooter companies have gained the city’s approval, like Bird, Lynx Sharing, and Wheels, but they have not yet announced when their own lines will launch.

It was just recently announced that Virgin Trains had made a deal with Disney to expand their railways and build a station right on Disney World property.

So, what do you think? Are you excited about the new scooters, or do you think you’ll stick to driving?

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