There is plenty of solar power to go around in The Sunshine State, and now Orlando is looking to go greener by offering residents an affordable way to go solar with a new solar co-op.

The co-op would allow homeowners to save money and use bulk negotiations to get a good home system, warranty, and top-notch installation for a smaller price tag.

The City of Orlando is partnering with Solar United Neighbors (SUN) to offer an easy and affordable opportunity for residents to go solar by joining a solar co-op.

The City of Orlando

2019 saw 60 households install solar systems, bringing Orlando’s co-op to rank #1 out of 55 in Florida when it came to total carbon offsets and installed systems.

Joining the co-op is not mandatory, but all Orlando residents are eligible and are free to join.

If you’re interested in signing up, be sure to do so before the deadline on September 15, 2020.

Via City of Orlando
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