Tired of waiting for your Uber or Lyft? We know how frustrating it can be to keep seeing the five minutes "about to arrive" message from the app. Well, fret no longer, Orlando will soon have self-driven taxis. 

Navya is a new electric and autonomous vehicle market that has been taking over the globe. There are already electric shuttles and robot-taxis in Paris, Hong Kong, and even Australia. Soon these amazing self-driven shuttles will be transporting you around Orlando. Even though there are no details yet about the announcement, you can expect these shuttles to come as early Spring 2019.

The Navya shuttles will be an easy way to transport yourself from place to place, in case there aren't any taxis available. But, these vehicles won't go very fast. The shuttles go up to 16 mph speed and it will travel on a fixed route within a 17-square-mile community. This will be a great option if you're trying to save some cash.

Even though the shuttles are self-driven, there will be an operator on board. Each shuttle allows up to 15 people and it includes 11 seats. Michigan, Ann Arbor, Tokyo, Sydney, and Hong Kong already have these shuttles. 

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Lake Nona will have to shuttles in their fleet and each shuttle has hand brakes, automatic brakes, an emergency stop button, and an SOS intercom system. The shuttles feature front and rear cameras, an informational touch screen and communication system, air conditioner, and three LIDAR sensors that allow for vehicle positioning and obstacle detection.

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And yes, the shuttles are free. Now that's a budget-friendly way to commute.

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