The most important question for every Potterhead is which house are you in — but we have never actually thought about Harry Pupper and what Hogwarts House he calls home. The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando actually sorts their adoptable dogs into Hogwarts houses, and it's easily the cutest thing ever.

In a program, the Pet Alliance calls "Pawgwarts", trained staff place doggos into their Potter house based on personality and behavior. Each dog completes a series of activities to test and observe their behaviors, with each Pawgwarts house having a list of core traits specific to them that determine where Fido falls.

If you've got the bravest boy, you know they're just like Harry and the Gang — a Gryiffindog. Pups who are ambitious and determined will find themselves in Slobberin; those who are extremely friendly and affectionate are a cuddly Hufflefluff, and if they happen to be a quick learner, particularly obedient, or easy to train you've got yourself the smartest little Ravenpaw.

This adorable program seeks to encourage potential adopters to focus on pet personalities when searching for their forever friend — and imagining your pupper being a little wizard is just too cute. We know what costume we're getting Sparky for Halloween.

Those looking to adopt can see the currently adoptable pets on their website here, or visit the kennels during the adoption hours from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., 7 days a week at their Orlando location at 2727 Conroy Road Orlando, FL 32839 or their Sandford location at 2800 County Home Road Sanford, FL. 32773.

Dog adoption fees range from $75-350, and may require an additional purchase of medication. Most adoptable pups are all up to date and ready to go home with you with no additional fees.

If you already have a furbaby and aren't looking to adopt anytime soon, you can take this short and cute quiz to find out which house your pupper is in!

Whether you're a megafan that wants their dog to be in the same house, or are looking to have a dog with a very specific personality, you can't deny that this is just too stinkin' cute. Don't forget to get Fluffy a house scarf!

More information about The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando and adoptable pets can be found on their Facebook page here or their website here.

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