An abandoned Disney World Orlando theme park saw some action in April when dozens of Orange County police went on a manhunt for a trespasser. A rogue YouTuber, Richard McGuire, snuck onto the abandoned Disney World island and gave the deputies an epic game of hide and seek while they searched for the man by land and air. Now, new footage gives viewers an inside look at how the “game” played out.

News 6 reports that back in April, the 42-year-old YouTuber snuck onto the abandoned Discovery Island, a former Disney attraction, and recorded videos of himself for his channel. After being spotted by wildlife cameras, deputies scoured the 11-acre island in search of him.

Newly released footage from the deputies’ bodycams shows some entertaining dialogue between law enforcement.

“This is the best game of hide and seek ever!” one deputy exclaims.

As they trudge through run-down enclosures, another officer jokingly asks, “Is this where they hatch baby dinosaurs?”

After about an hour of searching, the officers left the island.

McGuire was later spotted crossing Bay Lake in a boat and was arrested, though he pleaded not guilty to trespassing on Disney property.

When law enforcement caught the YouTuber, the exchange was amicable.

“You know there’s easier ways to apply to work for Disney,” the deputy laughs.

Discovery Island in Bay Lake is only accessible by boat and has been abandoned since 1999.

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