The moment we have all been waiting for - Universal Orlando's Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure coaster is open today, June 13.

Deemed "Universal Orlando's Most Thrilling and Innovative Coaster Experience Yet," this ride has been highly anticipated since it was announced. The ride will feature several key components as it takes riders through the Forbidden Forest:

  • The most launches of any roller coaster in the world – with 7 total launches
  • Unexpectedly dropping nearly 17 feet on the first coaster in the U.S. to feature a free-fall vertical drop
  • Being catapulted 65 feet in the air at a more than 70 degree angle – and then immediately dropping backward in one movement

Of course, the entire adventure will take riders through the magical world of Hogwarts and all of the beloved characters that go with it including Arthur Weasley, Hagrid, and even Fang. 

The park really paid attention to detail to bring this ride and experience to life for guests. You can take a look at the ride on the park's image carousel below:

The park opened today at 8am and will remain open until 2am, giving you plenty of time to experience the magic for yourself. Tickets to the park start at $115. You can buy yours here

Of course, if you can't spare the time today, you don't have to worry about the coaster going anywhere - it's here to stay and will be just as magical whenever you get the chance to go!

Additionally, you can check out a virtual ride experience of the coaster here!

Hagrid's Motorbike Adventure

Address: Universal Orlando Studios, 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Price: $115 day ticket to the park

Hours: 8am-2am

Why you need to go: the newest attraction just opened and it is record-breaking! Featuring vertical drops, high speeds, and a magical experience you won't get anywhere else. 


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