Many locals say that San Antonio has a few paranormal attractions in the area. With most of them being downtown, the Menger Hotel and the notorious Alamo are some of the most frequently visited haunted places of interest. One of the less well-known places in the city that is said to be haunted is a set of railroad tracks not far from the San Juan Mission.

Legend has it that between the years of 1930 and 1940, a train collided with a school bus full of children on these tracks.

Ten children died in the accident, and according to the tale, the children linger around the railroad tracks snickering and laughing.

Once a driver stops on the tracks and puts their car in neutral, the children push the car in hopes of helping the passengers avoid the same fate they suffered.

Known by the simple name of The Haunted Train Tracks of San Antonio, people of all ages have sought to experience the haunting themselves.

The rules are simple, go to the railroad tracks, drive onto them, shift into neutral, and wait.

One thing you might want to buy before your expedition is a bag of baby powder or flour.

If you put the substance all over your bumper, you'll allegedly be able to see the handprints of the children.

The tracks have been featured on a number of paranormal TV shows and footage from people's experiences has been broadcasted.

Although it's still debated heavily if the experiences are true, the ritual is a sort of tradition among the locals of San Antonio.

Many stories of people's experiences have circulated through the city and they're even been spoken about during Halloween in grade school classes.

If you want to have a story of your own to share, drive over and check it out for yourself.

Haunted Railroad Tracks

Price: Free

Address: 2902 Shane Rd, San Antonio, TX

Why You Need To Go: If you're looking for a spooky experience that you can get from inside your car, this is the place to go. Experience what all the San Antonians are talking about and be saved by a group of local ghosts!

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