Empty streets mean nature has more chances to come out and play. It also means that your city might get a few unwelcome guests too. San Francisco coyotes are roaming the empty streets so the next time you go for a grocery run, you'd better watch your back.

Coyotes live in the woods near the Bay Area, and the empty streets really seem to be bringing them out in droves.

As it turns out, it's also coyote pupping season, which could account for their presence in the city.

In one of the most shocking videos, ABC7 News shared footage of two pairs of coyotes fighting for dominance near the Presidio.

Since the city's stay-at-home order was issued, the winding trails, streets, and public parks have become the wild animals' new stomping grounds.

Look at this coyote lounging by the Golden Gate Bridge lookout!

It didn't take long before locals started posting their experiences to Twitter. One user even captured footage of a coyote "enjoying the view" of Twin Peaks from his apartment window.

Dion Lim, a reporter for ABC7 also spotted a coyote close by. She noted that some trails in the Presidio have been closed to dogs due to the wild animals.

What is the city doing about it?

The SFist reports The Presidio Trust actively monitors the area's coyote population using both ear tags and GPS collars. The area's new alpha pair has already been identified.

The female coyote has two read tags and a GPS collar. Her male partner remains more elusive, but footage shows he has a scar underneath his right eye.

It turns out, this isn't the first time wildlife has been spotted roaming the neighborhoods since California's stay at home order was introduced. 

Two weeks ago, a massive black bear was seen roaming through the streets of Arcadia in search of breakfast. It was also spotted by locals wandering along Canyon Road before heading back into the Angeles National Forest.

From the looks of things wildlife may be getting comfortable with city life.

San Francisco city officials recommended to keep your dogs off trails with signs indicating coyotes. Also, keep a close eye on them as you walk them outside.

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