Just when you think Savannah, Georgia couldn't get any bigger or welcome any more new attractions, they pull a fast one on us and surprise us with some pretty spectacular attractions. Who doesn't love more places to have fun? Savannah's riverfront's newest attraction is opening next month and seriously it'll blow you away. 

Savannah's Riverfront District is getting a makeover and it's finally going to be revealed April of this year. This spot used to be a powerplant, but you would never know that looking at it now. It'll now be called the Plant Riverside District. 

This project costs $330 million, so you know they aren't playing around and are trying to make this the spot to come. This is the largest redevelopment project ever taken on by the district, according to Thrillist

There will be hotels, restaurants, many shops, and even three new rooftop bars. You can easily spend your entire day at this location exploring all it has to offer.

The entire district is about 4.5 acres with 1.5 acres of public parks, too. You'll notice the overall theme of dinosaurs and natural history throughout the entire area. 

The main hotel here has a 135-foot-long Amphicoelias replica that consists of 230 chrome dipped bones. This will be the ultimate tourist spot to take pictures.  

As for the rest of the area, as you walk around you'll come across light-up outdoor swings, an outdoor speakeasy that's located in a garden, an adult playground with board games that are life-sized and even a stage for concerts.

While not all of the establishments have been named, we can tell you that one of the three rooftop bars will have a large slide that you'll use as an exit. Need we say more?

Mark your calendars for April 30 because you have plans at the new Plant Riverside District. 

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