It's always a little nerve-wracking when you get out of college or trade school and are looking to take the first steps into a career path. Luckily for Floridians, a study confirms that we have some of the best places to get started in a new career.

When you get started on your journey into a new job, a lot of things come into play - pay & availability being the big ones. But when it comes to settling down in a city to start from the bottom of a career ladder and grow, where you decide to live can really play a part in your success.

Starting your new career will certainly make you a little anxious, but it doesn't have to all be stressful and intimidating. Wallethub analyzed the strength of the existing job markets and overall livability of 182 cities across the U.S. to determine which cities were the best and worst to get started in.

They examined each city based on 29 different metrics ranging from the availability of jobs at entry level to average monthly starting salary to diversity in the workplace and were assigned point values totaling up to secure their place at the top (or bottom) of the ladder. 11 Florida cities made the list, many sitting close to the top.

The absolute best Florida city to start your career in was determined to be Orlando, with an overall placing of 4 out of 182 cities. They also seem to be great places for a lot of available Job Opportunities and a high Quality of Living, with a rank of 3 and 8 in each category. It is home to the happiest place on earth after all.

The study found that Orlando has some of the highest concentrations of entry-level jobs in the market as well as the most in the entire state of Florida - great for those looking to get a foot in the door. The difference is 17x compared to the worst cities on this list.

The 2nd Florida city didn't come in far behind Orlando. Just 7 spots down in 11th on the list is Tampa. They also ranked high for their Job Opportunity Rank sitting in the 9th slot. Right on the bay might actually be the way to go.

Other Florida cities to place in the top 100 are Miami with a rank of 21, Fort Lauderdale with a rank of 28, St Petersburg with a rank of 55, Jacksonville with a rank of 62, and Tallahassee with a rank of 86.

Not all places in Florida are created equal for the start of your career though; 4 Florida cities found themselves in the bottom- 3 of which were in the bottom 50.

It's looking pretty bad for Port St. Lucie, with a rank of only 125. It scored pretty low for its Job Opportunity ranking at 73, and even worse for their Quality of Living rank at 2nd to last, 181. It's followed closely by Cape Coral in 143, and Pembroke Pines in 158.

According to the study, the absolute worst Florida city to start your career in is Hialeah, which overall was the 2nd to last worst city on the entire list at 180. They scored abysmally low in both categories, but it was their Quality of Life ranking that did them in - coming dead last at 182.

Between all of those in the bottom, almost all of them were proven to have some of the worst numbers on the list. Miami was found to have the least affordable housing rates, while Hialeah, Port St. Lucie, and Cape Coral were found to have the lowest percentage of workers aged 25-34, 2x the difference from the best cities on the list.

No matter where you're from, finding success in your career can be one of the most satisfying things you ever experience. If you're not from Florida and want to see if the city you want to start your new career in made the list - scroll over the points in your state on the map below.

Source: WalletHub

To read the study in its entirety, see the full breakdown of metrics, methodology, and tips from career experts for getting started on your new path, check the Wallethub study here.

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