Summers in Florida can be rough, even for locals. You’ll rarely catch a seasoned Floridian without a water bottle in hand and their A/C blasting. However, if you think summer ends up being a financial sinkhole for locals because of the extensive use of climate control, you’d be surprised to find that's not quite the case. A recent study by WalletHub explained that energy bills in Florida are actually some of the cheapest in the nation.

WalletHub evaluated electric bills, natural gas, vehicle fuel, and monthly home heating oil costs. Each state received an average for every category, adding up to a total estimated monthly cost that determined where a state would fall, with the most expensive spots taking the top of the list.

So where exactly did The Sunshine State Fall?

Florida ranked 43rd out of 51 with an average monthly energy cost of $252. The number one spot for most expensive energy bills went to Connecticut, with a $372 monthly average.

Source: WalletHub

Electric bills accounted for the majority of Florida's average monthly utility costs at $158, while about $90 was found to go to gas for vehicles each month.

With July turning out to be quite the scorcher across the entire Sunshine State, it’s little wonder residents everywhere are cranking up the A/C and sinking most of their costs into electricity.

Florida did rank number two in the country for the highest natural gas prices, second to Hawaii even though the average monthly cost remains low. With Florida's $4 monthly average compared to Connecticut's $45, it seems Sunshine Staters are doing pretty good.

Home heating costs were at a big ol' $0 — that may come as only a little surprise there!

And while Florida may be notorious for its meme-able driving conditions, the state also ranked 50th for having the lowest natural gas consumption per consumer.

The study also included tips from energy experts to help readers reduce their financial stress by cutting costs on energy bills.

Alternative energy options like solar power is even becoming more affordable throughout Florida, especially in Orlando with its solar co-op and Tampa looking to install rooftop community solar panels in the coming years.

The Sunshine State is growing greener by the year, and seems to be staying pretty cost-efficient too!

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