Florida’s resident Grim Reaper, Daniel Uhlfelder, is raising as much money as he can to build a billboard in front of the home of Governor Ron DeSantis, one that illustrates The Governor as a harbinger of doom.

The billboard Uhlfelder wishes to see erected in front of DeSantis’ mansion would feature The Governor's face and read “Ron DeathSantis” followed by a smaller quote that says “Killing Florida With His Stupidity.”

As of publication, the fundraising page has already had 407 donors out of its goal of 450, with a raised total of $6,268.

Uhlfelder aims to shame DeSantis and remind Florida residents who he feels is responsible for Florida’s rising COVID-19 cases and deaths.

This isn't the first time lawyer Uhlfelder has spoken out about his feelings surrounding DeSantis and COVID-19. He's posted his thoughts and feelings about various Florida politics on Twitter and even roamed popular Florida beaches dressed as the Grim Reaper to protest Florida’s phased reopening.

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