With only 9 weeks to go before election day, new polls show that Floridians are almost evenly split between favoring Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

A Quinnipiac University poll shows reports Florida as an important swing state in the election, with a narrow margin of registered voters favoring Biden by 48% and Trump by 45%.

Presidential Race Is Too Close To Call In Florida

Quinnipiac University

Another poll by FiveThirtyEight supports a similarly torn Florida with Trump barely leading Biden at 49% over 46%.

The percentages stay narrow as the polls became more specific, with 49% of Floridians believing Biden could handle a crisis, and 47% siding with Trump.

CNN previously reported that republics have historically relied on Florida to win the election, and with such a torn Sunshine State, this year’s race is shaping up to be a close one.

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