Over the weekend, the city of Tampa had a total glow-up as five brand new murals brought a literal rainbow of colors across the streets. Unity and inclusivity are the name of the game, with local artists bringing their own spirit and flair to each artwork. But Tampa's new street murals are reaching far beyond recent social affairs with their purpose.

The Art on the Block initiative founded by Mayor Jane Castor commissioned local artists to grab their brushes and take to the streets of Tampa this weekend. Not only do several of the murals evoke Black Lives Matter, traditional African patterns, and LGBTQ+ themes, the murals serve another purpose for the community.

They also support the City’s Vision Zero mission, which strives to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities and injuries. The official statement posted on the City of Tampa’s website explained that not only do the murals make art more accessible for everyone, but they also help to calm traffic.

The City argues these intersection artworks are effective tools in strengthening safety in the streets. They bring a splash of color for drivers and pedestrians alike to enjoy while also bringing the community together to ooh and aah over something beautiful.

The Black Lives Matter-themed mural was accompanied by an opening ceremony on June 27 that saw crowds observing a moment of silence, singing songs, and praying together, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 5 p.m.

If you haven’t spotted these gorgeous murals already, you can find the Downtown Black Lives Matter piece on East Cass Street & North Jefferson Street.

Another mural rests at Tampa Heights on North Franklin Street & West Henderson Avenue, which also saw a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 27 at 2 p.m.

You can spot the West Tampa mural on Habana Avenue & West Tampa Bay Boulevard, and the Westshore artwork on West Laurel Street & North Grady Avenue.

Finally, the fifth mural in East Tampa can be seen on East 21st Avenue & North 15th Street.

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