Diving with Florida manatees is already a magical experience, but sometimes divers catch sea cows in the most news-worthy acts, and this video of a manatee scratching its itchy snout will totally make your day!

Fun 2 Dive, a company that has been bringing guests out into the water with these special Florida animals for decades, was hosting one such tour when one of the guides, Cat, caught the moment on camera and shared the video to their Instagram page.

The video was filmed in the Crystal River, a well-known spot to see and swim with manatees.

Fun 2 Dive holds daily swim tours that last about three hours, and are all-inclusive, providing all the equipment and safety information youโ€™ll need for the perfect underwater adventure.

They put an emphasis on small tour groups to help keep the manatees stress-free with a passive observe-from-a-distance unless approached policy, and work to educate their guests on the environment so they can continue to enjoy it for a long time to come.

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