The last thing that we expect to see a police officer doing is bustin' a move, but this Florida officer is going viral. Deputy Ashley of the Pasco County Sherrif's Office put a little yee-haw in his step to take on the #gitupchallenge.

Every era of the internet has its dance challenge, and this one is no different. You do the little jig to Blanco Brown's The Git Up — a country yet not so country jam complete with all the twang.

The original video posted to the Pasco Sherrif's Page has over 8 million views and counting — and we're obsessed! You can watch Deputy Ashley gettin' his hoe-down to The Git Up below.

A lot of commenters were living for this moment — some even thought this was the best version of the challenge they've seen so far. Who'd have known that those MOVES were gonna be that smooth — and on the grass, in full uniform in the Florida heat no less. You can't help but admire those skills.

A lot of people were showing love for the video capturing a personal side of our police officers having fun on the job — letting the public know that they're people too, even if they gotta ticket you sometimes.

Deputy Ashley pulled up his imaginary cowboy boots again and did the challenge at 93.3 FLZ Live at Sparkman's Wharf in another set of videos posted to the Pasco Facebook Page. He joins the public to do the dance alongside Blanco Brown himself.

Deputy Ashley has got some serious rhythm, and people agree — he might just be the cutest officer ever according to some commenters.

Even if you don't like the country twang, we all can appreciate an adorable moment showing the human side of our men in uniform.

You can see the full outpouring of comments on the original video here. You can follow along in Pasco County's Facebook shenanigans here.

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