Downtown Tampa could be looking a whole lot greener in the future as city Sustainability and Resilience officer, Whit Remer, plans to outfit several buildings with new community rooftop solar panels in Tampa.

Remer’s plans follow an announcement from Environment Florida Research & Policy Center, which ranked Tampa among some of the top U.S. cities with the most solar power currently in place.

We’ve never done a rooftop array or any type of community solar. That’s something that we’re really looking forward to.

Whit Remer

Remer has yet to report a concrete timeline on when the solar panels may appear, but he’s even looking into placing them on affordable housing units to help lower electricity costs.

While the nation’s top-ranking spot for most solar power installed is currently claimed by Los Angeles, Tampa ranked 29th.

Tampa Mayor, Jane Castor, said in a press release that the city is ready to "double-down" its commitment to furthering their renewable energy and is currently seeking partners and programs who can help make it happen.

Via Tampa Bay Times

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes.

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