While the future of Halloween remains uncertain, some may find comfort in knowing that one of Florida's scariest attractions is preparing for another season of thrills and chills.

In preparation for the 2020 season, Scream-A-Geddon is currently looking for talent to join their screen team, and their hiring process gives some insight into what the attraction has in store for guests this year.

One position that the attraction will be hiring for is Zombie Paintball Assault, which combines the time-honored tradition of paintball with fearsome zombies.  

Other attractions that could make a comeback for 2020 include Deamon's Rage and Blackpool Prison, the latter of which is an attraction in which "marked" guests will experience the full wrath of the scare zone.

Narcity was able to confirm that the attraction is on track to open in the fall this year, but no specific opening dates have been confirmed yet.

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