Traveling has been looking a bit different these days with half-empty airports, steep discounts, and a sea of passengers donning face masks as they scurry through to their gates.

Not everyone has been masking up though, and Tampa International Airport has taken matters into their own hands to raise mask-wearing awareness β€” even pretending to offer free flights.

The central Florida travel mecca punked their followers with a tweet this morning for "FREE. FLIGHTS"; after grabbing everyone's attention they quickly pulled the rug out from under Twitter's digital feet.

"Jk, but now that we have your attention, please wear your mask when you're inside the Airport," the post reads. Since posting, TPA International's quick sike has amassed 107 likes and a handful of laughs.

United Airlines almost fell for it too, commenting "Well done, friends. πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ (P.S. we DEFINITELY were NOT about to call our pricing friends once we saw this tweet...)πŸ˜‰." While the flights may not actually be free, it doesn't hurt to dream about the trips you'd take if they actually were.

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