You’ll find some truly strange things in Florida, from over-the-top food combos to experiences that let you swim with alligators and everything in between. Now, a new contender is about to enter the cabinet of curiosity that is the Sunshine State. It’s called “Home,” and it’s a 21-foot pink flamingo that’s going to be nesting soon at the Tampa International Airport.

This iconic centerpiece will be one of seven new art installations meant to beautify the airport. Home is crafted by artist Matthew Mazzotta, reaching from floor to ceiling and made from hand-sculpted resin and fiberglass.

The sculpture gives the image of the flamingo dipping its head beneath the water and unexpectedly finding travelers as they mill about the airport.

Robin Nigh, Manager of Arts and Cultural Affairs for the City of Tampa, wishes for the bird to be a symbol of comfort for returning travelers and a welcoming piece for new visitors.

The seven new interactive art pieces were commissioned and approved by the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority Board and selected from a total of 734 submissions that came from local, national, and even international artists.

Showcasing the iconic bird not only gives viewers a unique perspective but evokes a sense of familiarity surrounding the classic Florida scene of tropical wildlife and colorful pink paradises.

In his proposal to the airport regarding his piece, Mazzota said he intended for the scale of the animal to remind humans that we all share the same home, prompting visitors and residents alike to respect our environment and its wildlife.

Some of the other art pieces also include images of Florida’s natural world, like flowers at sunset, and hanging sculptures of deep-sea animals.

While an exact date as to when these art installations will pop up in the airport has not been released yet, we do know where the Flamingo will be located — near the Shoppes at Bayshore.

Two more art commissions are set to be considered for addition to the airport at a later date as well.

We know one thing for sure is that that giant flamingo is likely to appear in many a selfie at the Tampa International Airport in the near future!

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