If there's anything we know about police-work, keeping the peace one day will never be like the last and they have to be ready for anything - literally. On a recent call, 2 Pasco County Officers found themselves offering a different kind of service to the community - their compassion.

Receiving a call in the line of police work often comes with a few unknowns - after all, you're walking into a situation blind. Pasco Officers, Deputy Mason and Corporal Bollenbacher were faced with something unexpected, 2 little baby newborns. Amongst the chaos of a 'difficult' situation as stated in the Instagram caption, these officers rose to the challenge, comforting the babies while the situation was being diffused.

The photograph snapped of this photo is absolutely priceless, and we couldn't agree more. The love and compassion that both officers exude in the way they look at those babies are undeniable.

The photo is captioned "Deputy Mason and Corporal Bollenbacher comforting some little ones during a difficult call. ๐Ÿ’š #PascoProud," and the photo quickly went viral, accumulating thousands of reactions. Most of the commenters agree that this moment is absolutely precious and the outpouring of comments showing their love and support for these deputies rising to the task is immense. 

There were thousands of positive comments, most of which sing their praises to these 2 kind deputies; One commenter writes: "Beautiful view too...I wonder where this is. I live in Pasco & I'm always looking for more water views. This melts my heart. Deputy Mason & Corporal Bollenbacher are the Best #DreamTeamPascoSquad"

And additional commenter showing their support reads: "This is a beautiful example of our finest at work"

2 men showing off their fathering skills with the sunset backdropping them - the internet is head over heels in love with this moment. One commenter thinks the photo is sexy - she says, "I find seeing grown men holding tiny babies kind of sexy...am I weird or something?"

She's not the only one to think this - another comment reads, "Aaaaaaaaand the baby fever is no back <3 So Precious!"

Of course, not everyone thinks this moment is beautiful; a couple of people even went so far as to call their moment gross and using laugh emojis to respond to the gross comment.

Many people are wondering what must have happened that caused the need for the deputies to care for these children; Narcity reached out for comment, but none was received as of the time of publication. Whatever it was, people are hoping these babies end up okay.

What we do know - almost everyone is glad to have been able to share in this heartwarming moment with them.

To see all comments, check out the original post on the Pasco Sherrif's Facebook page here.

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