Due to the pandemic, local state and national parks had to temporarily close down for safety purposes. However, as the state has entered phase 2 of reopenings, the Texas state parks have almost returned to normal, allowing guests to visit during daytime hours and they are now opening their campsites for reservations. You can save a spot for your very own weekend camping trip starting today.

Camping has officially reopened for reservations starting this morning, and Texans can snag their spot at one of their beloved state parks now.

Dates for camping range between the first day that camping will be open, on June 1, and all the way throughout September 7.

All of Texas' state parks were closed back in April as the state shut down to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Back on April 20, the parks were opened up for day-use only.

Reservations were required for those looking just to explore during the day, as to regulate the number of people visiting.

Some cases of overnight camping were allowed starting on May 18, but only to those who already had a reservation from before the state shut-down. On June 1, camping will be reopened for everyone, so long as they book ahead.

You can reserve your campsite from the Texas State Parks website or by calling their office number.

Day use and overnight passes are to be bought in advance for all visitors eager to get back outdoors with their s'mores.

Many visitor centers, park offices, and nature centers will remain closed even as parks open back up for night use. 

The Texas State Parks Department still asks guests to practice social distancing and wear face coverings even if things are beginning to go back to normal.

Not sure where you want to pitch your tent? The Texas State Parks website has a tool where you can enter your location, camping style, and the number of guests, and it'll find the best spots to suit your needs.

Whether you're aiming to travel near or far from home, there is surely a beautiful and enchanting state park ready to entertain you. 

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