A 4-year-old Texas boy received a true Christmas miracle after workers spent hours saving his life.

The boy accidentally fell in a well in the small town of Mission, Texas, while walking with this family, where he would end up being stuck for over six hours.

First responders from the Edinburg Fire Department were called to the location immediately, where they say they found the opening of the well was so dark they couldn't even see the child according to CBS DFW.

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44 feet 

Depth of the well 

The City of Mission posted a video of the dramatic rescue shortly after the boy was saved.

Mission Fire Department Assistant Chief Robert Alvarez told CBS DFW that any wrong strike of the shovel could have only filled the hole, which was only 8 to 10 inches in diameter, with more dirt, putting the boy in more danger. 

When the heroes finally reached the boy after using multiple different tools to dig through the well, they wrapped the boy in a harness and simply pulled him out.

The boy survived but his current condition is unknown.

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