The Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York had a rocky start when it first arrived in the big apple, but it just showed haters whose boss.

The massive tree was officially lit up and became beautiful once again Wednesday night, causing those who previously said not-so-nice things about it to suddenly have a change of heart.

Some are even calling it the ultimate glow-up of 2020.

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Feet Tall 


The 75-foot tall Norway Spruce had a rough debut when it first arrived in New York City when it definitely showed some signs of travel when it stood up.

Twitter, of course, was not shy to chime in on its day one looks.

But after a lot of love and even more Christmas lights, the tree was officially brought to its true glory, and people were quick to take back their previously rude comments.

While even the tree itself took to Twitter to thank all those acknowledging it's true beauty.

The tree will now remain fully lit all the way through the Christmas season and into January 2021.


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