2020 is finally a thing of the past and these Boston Dynamics Robots were very excited about it.

The company's whole fleet of robots got together and did a little dance to start the new year off right with some truly awesome moves and positive vibes.

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Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year

Boston Dynamics 

The robo-dance-crew consists of two humanoid bots, a doglike robot named Spot, and a warehouse robot named Handle.

They boogied down to "Do You Love Me," which was famously performed by The Contours in 1962.

Twitter was quick to react to the insane video, with some being overjoyed by dancing robots while some were just a little too spooked by them.

But it's easy to say the majority of viewers will find nothing but joy and laughter when watching the video, in hopes that it is kicking off what will be a fantastic new year.

Boston Dynamics is a leader in the robot business thanks to its super fast-growing team of engineers and scientists whose combined brainpower creates some of the most jaw-dropping futuristic robots in the world.

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