Take a deep breath and imagine this bone-chilling scenario. Your house is shining with cleaning products, the kitchen smells like fresh pizza, the big game is blaring on your T.V., you open your cooler right before the guests are about to arrive...and there’s no booze. Holy smokes, you must have drunk it all last night! It’s basically a scene right out of a horror movie, but these things could happen to anyone. Lucky for Floridians, your night will not have to end early, because there’s an alcohol delivery app that’s quickly taking over the state.

Drizly is an alcohol delivery application that’s quickly expanding in Florida. Right now, you can use it in over 80 cities all across the state, which means that there’s a really great chance that they’ll have you covered.

The best part is that Drizly aims to get you your booze to you in under an hour. Yes, you read that right. You can literally get alcohol delivered straight to your doorstep in under sixty minutes in most cities.

That’s straight-up fantastic news for folks who want to throw an impromptu bash, forgot to restock the booze stash, or just don’t have time to run to the liquor store after work.

Let the party go on! Can you say ‘bottoms up’?

It's not just beer that you can get on the app either. You can use Drizly to order a pretty wide variety of beverages and extras.

According to their webpage, Florida definitely has its favorites though. The most popular poisons for Drizly users in the Sunshine State include Tito’s vodka, Whiteclaws, Tequila, and Fireball.

Sounds about right.

Indie brands like Casamigos Tequila are also available, in addition to a bunch of different brews, liquors, and wines.

Prices vary depending on if you want something like a 12-pack of Coronas for $17.99, or more upscale like this $1,299 bottle of vintage champagne.

Many offerings on Drizly come with a discount too, ranging from 15 to 30 percent off.

Regardless of your personal tastes (and budget!), you can’t use the app if you're under 21. ID checks upon delivery will make sure of that.

Whether you just ran out of beer at a party or are too tired to drive to the liquor store after a long day at the office, Drizly is here to get you the booze you need. 

You can learn more about Drizly or order your bevvies from their website here.

*Cover photo for illustrative purposes only.

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