Have you been wondering how all the animal shelters are doing right now? Well, you're not the only one. With the "stay at home" order in place, more locals than ever are flocking to get a furry companion. In fact, this California animal shelter just ran out of pets for adoption and it's the best news ever.

All of their kennels are completely empty!

With more Californians working from home, bringing in a new four-legged family member has become a lot more appealing.

Riverside County Animal Shelter has been posting adorable snaps of new dogs, cats, and even cows looking for their fur-ever homes. Who could say no to these cute little faces?

All of the caretakers' hard work and dedication has paid off! As of April 8, the county animal shelter was completely empty.

The workers took to Instagram yesterday to share the good news. We literally can't stop smiling. 

In their video, one of the shelter workers showed off a completely empty adoption center as volunteers cheered.

They wrote, "We cleared the shelter! All of our adoptable animals have been adopted! Thank you to everyone who adopted or fostered an animal."

All of the comments underneath showed just how ecstatic the community is about it too. From clapping to heart eye emojis, everyone is sharing the love.

"However, that does not mean we will not be getting more animals in tomorrow," said Julie in the video above.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering an animal from the shelter soon, you can visit their website that lists all of the available animals. 

In the chance that you fall in love with a little furry face, make sure to write down the animal ID number. You can email the shelter at shelterinfo@rivco.org and include your contact information.

We're so happy to see so many animals saved and finding permanent homes. Way to go Riverside County!

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