Sure, we love the warmth of summertime in the desert, but we're always looking forward to winter. It's a time when you can cozy up with your boo, drink hot cocoa, and relax. But, there's one thing that's our favorite: Utah's frozen waterfalls.

There is one hiking trail, in particular, that takes us to the most breathtaking sight. Waterfall Canyon freezes over during the cold season and displays a frozen fall standing 200-feet tall.

The 2.5-mile roundtrip hike is in Ogden and the trail to get there will be a challenging one. You can take the Mount Odgen Trail from 29th Street and follow the path to Malan Falls.

The first portion of the trek will be easy but will get more challenging the further up you go.  

You'll have to scramble over a rocky and steep route to the top. We recommend that you bring along hiking poles for your journey. 

Just be sure not to wander off the trail as the surrounding areas are private property. If you want a hiking buddy, bring your furry friend along for the fun.

Who knows? They might love the snow! 

The challenging trek is worth the sweat. Plus, the sweet reward at the end will be a great motivation to keep you going.  

There are many other hiking options that you can enjoy afterward. The Bird Song trail is an easy hike that takes you by six springs, a pond, and a thick forest brush. 

It's possible that roads may be closed due to snow, so plan accordingly and check weather conditions before visiting.

The contrast of the frozen falls on the rocks makes for a beautiful backdrop. It may even make you feel like you're in Narnia. 

Whether you're visiting ice castles or hanging out in scenic natural hot springs, there are so many winter activities you can enjoy in Utah. 

Maybe you'll spot some adventurers climbing their way up the falls. These ice climbers have some serious skills. 

Waterfall Canyon 

Difficulty: Difficult

Length: Approx. 2.5-miles roundtrip

Address: Ogden, Utah 

Why You Need To Go: You can see a frozen waterfall that's 200-feet tall. 


We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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