The White House will pardon one of two turkeys this week for Thanksgiving in the United States, and their names are "Corn" and "Cob" and honestly can we get these turkeys some better names, please?

This isn't any more or less creative than previous years, however: In 2019, the turkeys in the running for being pardoned were "Peas" and "Carrots" and in 2018, the turkeys were "Bread" and "Butter."

The previous years' turkeys do have more variety in the names, however, in that the names are at least different foods — "corn" and "cob" are basically the same name.

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turkeys "competing" to be "pardoned"

The turkeys arrived at The Willard Hotel yesterday in a fancy car.

They then walked down a red carpet at the hotel, where they will stay until the pardoning ceremony on Tuesday.

The White House put a poll out on Twitter to see which turkey should be "pardoned."

Will it be "Corn" or "Cob" and could it possibly be both because, once again, those names are essentially the same one name?

Only time will tell. This is a developing story.

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