Finding your dream house can be tough, especially when it comes to locations in or near Austin, Texas. Fortunately, an incredible view can make it easy to decide what property to rent, and we have just the place. Overlooking the gorgeous Lake Travis sits Villa de Shipping Containers, a luxury shipping container house in the Hill Country near Austin

Villa de Shipping Containers is the name given to a cluster of three unique units, all in one property. 

Renting this home means that you'll be secluded from the busy city life while being only a short drive away from all things Austin. 

Plus, you'll have access to a massive outdoor pool, perfect for when the temperatures unavoidably go back up. 

The home is currently listed for $675,000, which is $3,249 per month if you're looking for something long-term. 

With so much space, you could be splitting the monthly payment with quite a few people or enjoy the spot all on your own for the most unique luxury living in the area.

A private showing is available upon request so you can ask more questions if you are interested.

The listing also has all of the information on nearby schools, details on what went into building the home, and anything else you need to know. 

We have a feeling Villa de Shipping Containers won't be on the market for much longer, as it's in one of the most amazing locations in all of Texas. If you're interested, you may want to tour it as soon as possible!

Villa de Shipping Containers

Price: $675,000

Address: 3135 Thurman Rd, Lago Vista, TX

Description: There are three unique units that all share a pool. You'll have three beds, three and a half baths, and be overlooking Lake Travis the entire time. 

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