Oklahoma is the perfect, quiet place to settle down in, but it also has just enough buzz to make every day in the Sooner State exciting. These two facts are no doubt what attracts so many celebrities to own real estate in Oklahoma, and they seem happy as ever to do so. Below are six of our favorite celebs who have some of the most unbelievable real estate out there.

Blake Shelton

The former "Sexiest Man Alive" owns an entire ranch in Oklahoma that he and his wife Gwen Stefani spend a lot of their time at. 


Garth Brooks

Oklahoma is no stranger to country music, and Shelton and Brooks are just two of the many singers who own real estate here. Brooks shares this impressive home with his wife and fellow artist Trisha Yearwood.


Russell Westbrook

Westbrook plays for one of the most impressive NBA teams out there, the Houston Rockets, but formerly played for Oklahoma. So, while he was spending the majority of his time in OK, it made sense to have a gorgeous property he could come home to.


Toby Keith

Yet another big name in the world of country music owns real estate in Oklahoma, shocker. It looks like Keith not only has a home but many acres of land all to himself.


John Cresap

The former owner of Premium Beers of Oklahoma sold his home back in 2012. Just look at that arched pool!


Lon Kruger

Coaching the Oklahoma Sooners means Kruger probably doesn't get much time at his home, however, the estate he comes home to would make anyone look forward to a day off.


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