Danny Elfman's Los Angeles homes are going on sale and although they're not necessarily "affordable," they ARE weird as heck inside — in the best possible way.

The composer, known for scoring "Beetlejuice," "Men In Black," and essentially every single Tim Burton movie known to man (as well as being Jack Skellington's singing voice) has listed his side-by-side homes in Hancock Park for a cool $14.6 million.

And, okay, perhaps right now isn't the time for you (or me or anyone) to purchase a pair of 14 million dollar homes, but it's what's inside of them that is the most intriguing.

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The composer regularly posts photos with the hashtag "#dannyelfmansfriends," showcasing all of the oddities and "friends" around his homes — including this very familiar face.

Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise, but Danny Elfman has a LOT of skeletons in his home.

There are so many skeletons that Jack Skellington himself would probably be like, "Wow that's a lot of skeletons."

Some of them, like this tiny guy, are gifts from friends (who apparently know him quite well).

The home is filled with other oddities, as well.

He also has a LOT of fancy chickens and has been spending a lot of time with them since COVID-19 lockdowns began.

While the homes are for sale, the composer's collections (or "friends," rather) are not — at least we can look.

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