It's easy to see why millennials love the tiny home trend. They're cute, not wildly expensive, and often mobile too. It's not easy to find affordable real estate for an on-the-go-adventurer. So, we've got a treat for you. This affordable tiny home in California is almost too good to be true.

The Golden State has its pros and cons. It's gorgeous for the most part, but it most certainly isn't cheap! 

These pictures show the interior of the RV, and honestly, it's so charming. The rustic touches give it the perfect homey feel.

This renovated RV is so spacious inside! It's a 1994 model with only 60,000 miles on it, and according to the listing, it runs smoothly too.

The owners renovated it themselves and even added a solar panel onto the roof, so you can be off the grid and enjoy your vacations in the great outdoors!

Did we mention there is a beautiful skylight?

When you step inside, you will find a spacious kitchen and plenty of storage space. The white and wood interior makes the RV feel so clean and bright. There's plenty of natural light pouring in from the windows, too.

In the kitchen, there is a fully working stove and oven, plenty of counter space, as well as cabinets to store your canned goods, spices, and dishes.

There's also a built-in booth-style dining table and plush benches to sit on while you enjoy your meals.

Next to the kitchen, you'll find ceiling-high cabinets for additional storage and a nook with a big, comfy bed and more windows. 

Around the corner, there is a full-length mirror attached to the wall, along with two large black chalkboards where you could write out your weekly schedule and doodle.

In the loft space, you can either opt to turn it into another tiny bedroom or store your items. Either way, it's a great design.

We're honestly surprised at how much they managed to fit into such a small space. It looks so organized and clean. 

When you're ready to travel the world, why not invest in a cute mobile home? There's no stopping what adventures you'll have. If you're interested in checking out more tiny houses for sale in California, we love this adorable rustic cabin.

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